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"As the leaves take their final bow and autumn exits the stage, "Wet Brick & Roses" emerges as a harbinger of new beginnings.   As if the song is an invitation for us to pause, listen, and consider the dualities that make us all uniquely human"   -FnR        


Hailing from small-town Vermont, Sage Hatfield, the Folk-Pop multi-instrumentalist, is making waves in the vibrant music scenes of Seattle and Portland, all while diligently working on his next record. The low-key farmer turned songwriter & producer is now known for delicately crafted songs, best described as emotionally moving, thoughtful, jarring, and hilariously tongue-in-cheek.


Striking balance with the simple life, Hatfield has been remarkably proficient, releasing a full album, an EP, and multiple collabs. He is crafting his next release and celebrating his recent partnership with the Inner Light Agency management team as he prepares for the upcoming 2024 live dates.

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