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what others are saying about damon & ILA

“I’ve worked with Damon Moreno for a good while now, and I know him to be a door opener and an inspiring person! Glad to have him in my corner”

— XP // Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


“Damon’s intuitiveness and ability to discover a band is one thing, but to guide the band in a success-driven path is quietly gaining him the reputation as not only that of a keen A&R executive but also of a current tastemaker in today’s music scene”

— “Rage” Resteghini (Trivium, Ice Cube, Ja Rule, Soulja Boy, Guns And Roses, etc.)

“A&R starts with having a solid network of contacts. I can always count on Damon to turn me on to all the cool new bands on his radar.”

— Monte Conner – Senior VP A&R | Roadrunner Records (Slipknot, Korn, etc.)

“Damon’s & his team are always on their game. They’re constantly brainstorming new ideas and tactics for their artists in this ever changing industry. This guy is relentless!”

— Angel Vivaldi

“Damon’s passion, management skills & tireless work ethic were all instrumental in securing our record deal & tours”

— Ari | Destrophy (Victory Records)

“Damon, I love you but shut up & eat your pizza, you guinea bastard, you.”

— Peter Steele| Type O Negative

“We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us, your work has been impeccable, and very much appreciated.”

— David Oliveri| MZ

“Damon is one of the most down to earth & professional managers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is completely competent in developing artists & guiding them to a successful career.”

— Melanie Milioto / TKO Booking (Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Mudvayne, etc.)

“Working with Damon is a great pleasure. His communication with the team is very transparent and proactive. With years of industry experience he has a lot of great knowledge to share and his passion shines through with his strong work ethic.”

— Seth Stone | Artery Global


“I’ve worked with a lot of people in my day and feel extremely lucky to have crossed paths with Damon along the way. He cares about what he does and about the artists he works with. Plus he’s just a great dude!”

— Justin Kristal | President | Copycats Media

“Damon is a light in the dark cave that is the music industry. Always positive and full of inspiring ideas to help artists grow”

— Jason Sissoyev | Hi-Wattage Booking

"Hey, Damon! It’s insane! We can’t thank you and the team enough for the effort, we’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback. Couldn’t be anymore stoked! I really feel like the band has gotten much more united. It’s going fantastic!"

— Alexander Centeno / LTWS

“Damon is relentless with his work & it shows. Great guy as well!”

— Paul Gray #2 SLIPKNOT

“Working with Damon has been nothing short of well orchestrated. He acts as conductor to the musicians he supports and helps grow. Every aspect of The Inner light that I’ve encountered shows their commitment to musicianship and the value the agency puts in their musicians. It’s truly been a world class experience.”

— Frank Di Maria | A&R | RegalTip

“Damon and crew at iLA have put in serious efforts with the right network and know-how that is above and beyond any other agency we’ve worked with. Our band will make leaps and bounds that wouldn’t have been possible without such a dedicated management group. Feeling blessed is an understatement.”

— TOARN | Luxor Records

“Damon is a thoughtful, kind, and careful person! He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has opened up many new doors for me! He’s the best!”

— SLEEP (Strange Famous Records)

“Working with iLA has made all the difference in our musical careers. Aside from being a mentor, Damon has given us the opportunity to realize our potential – and be the rockstars we were born to be. Today we celebrate as he has confirmed our first U.S. tour supporting 2 national acts!”

— Daniel Nimmo

Working with Damon Moreno and The Inner light Agency Management has been extremely productive, despite the fact we’ve only been under his wing for a short time. Collaborating with Damon and iLA has, thus far, been more or less a walk in the park. Couldn’t be happier.”

—R. Nelson // SSL 


“What can we say about Damon that hasn’t already been said? He’s the best at what he does, and his one liners are unrivaled!”

— Breathe Till Dawn

“Dude I’m glad you’re honest. We need a million more guys like you running the industry”


“Damon & Bruce definitely have that BAD-ASS Attitude the world needs”

— Jesse Neal | Spike TV

“Damon Moreno is a manager that produces results in an industry when it’s hard to be heard. He is an honest and passionate individual who believes in his bands and works hard to bring them to that next level of success.”

— JJ Long (Thorp Records)

“From the moment we in Sky Diamond City talked to Damon Moreno we knew we weren’t listening to ‘just another manager’. His drive, passion, direction, and ideas have helped us tremendously! Grade A+”

— Sky Diamond City (Los Angeles, CA)

“Damon Moreno, Founder of The Inner Light Agency, understands what it takes to develop quality Artists. His strict attention to detail, strong industry ethics, maintaining relationships and his dedication to his clients are keys to his success.”

— Robbie Lucero | A&R/Media Support

“In the short time we’ve been with Damon and iLA, things started happening right away…tour offers, good marketing & management plans. Just a good build from the ground up. Damon is one of the most motivated individuals we have had the opportunity to work with.”

— Kriadiaz (Pavement Ent.)

“As a musician I’ve toured America a few times & have met tons of managers & not many of them made me feel like they are part of the team and seem as approachable and friendly as Damon (Moreno), he represents his bands with excellence and genuine care.”

— Benji W. | Skindred (Napalm Records)

“ I was talking to Aaron Lewis about the biz and he said “Man whatever you do, try to get a good manager, one that actually works.” A month later we got introduced to the hardest working – most sincere guy that I have ever met in the music biz; His name is Damon Moreno and if you don’t know him, you’re missing out.”

— Natal | FD1

“I describe Damon in two words: Honor and Integrity. Combine that with his tireless work ethic and incredible drive, and you have what it takes to make things happen.”

— Roy “Busdaddy” O’Connor (Jay-Z, Toby Keith, Ted Nugent, Megadeth, etc.)

“Working with Damon has been a pleasure. His professionalism is bar none and I would recommend him to many clients in the future.”

— Steven Puente / Jagermeister Music (Hinder, Shinedown, Less Than Jake, etc.)

“Damon knows what it takes to make waves and has proven to do so with his bands”

— Shaun Glass- A&R (Soil/RCA Records, Dirge Within/E1 Ent)

“Working with Damon from ILA is absolutely painless. He takes care of his artists with great enthusiasm and couldn’t be more professional in all aspects.”

— Kevin Bebout (Gibson Guitar Corp)

“Damon is awesome if you’re into the whole ‘let’s get a manager that actually gives a shit and works really hard and makes rad things happen’ kind of thing”

— HNWI (Warner Music Group)

“Damon is not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet but one of the most driven and hard working guys in the music industry today.”

— Jeff C (Type-O, LOA)

“I’ve worked with a lot of people in the music industry over the years and Damon by far is one of the most honest, hard working and passionate managers I’ve ever worked with. He gets answers and results where other people come up with dead ends. I recommend him to any driven band out there.”

— Tony Zimmerman

“Damon has helped us develop our image, and all around presentation giving us the confidence we needed as well as solidifying deals with sponsors and film makers helping us to reach an even wider audience.”


“Damon is a hard worker & very reliable. Communication is the key to great business & Damon does just that”

— Trey Lane (Jagermeister Music)

“When Damon says he’s going to do something, he does it. That quality alone puts him a step above the majority of today’s “industry professionals.” It’s a rare thing to see these days.”

— Ryan Baustert | TTF | Bullet Tooth Records

“Damon is not only a rad guy but he’s very passionate in his work & it shows”

— Lex – Straight Line Stitch (E1 Ent)

“Damon, Your dedication to the success of each talented individual/group you represent is outstanding!”

— Torry Butler A&R

“Damon, The Inner Light Agency and their bands are a great addition to the InTune Guitar Picks Inc family. It is a pleasure having them on board.”

— Bert LeCato / President, A & R (In Tune, Inc.)

“Every iLA band I have dealt with has been high quality. If bands are seeking a way to hit the next level, they should definitely check into The Inner Light Agency!”

— Brian Marshall / On Air Host (ROCK 108 FM)

“Cutting edge, relevant and influential, Damon Moreno’s, Inner light Agency artist roster has been extremely beneficial to the development of our endorsement roster.”

— David Levine / TRX

“I met Damon years ago when I was new to the industry. He was cool to me from day one, and that is something you never forget in this TOUGH industry. It says a lot about a person’s character. Now years later we are are working projects together. A great example of how to do business the right way. - Tom George (TAG Publicity)”

— Tom George |TAG Publicity| High Road PR

"Damon has been great for us. He’s really helped us as we continue to grow as a band. Whether it be setting us up with contacts, sponsorships, and shows, or just giving us advice, he’s been awesome.


— A World Extinct

"Thank you so much, my brother. In an industry where people turn their back on others, you've managed to stay loyal to us and we appreciate it so much"


"Love it!! We’ve doubled our monthly listeners in the last month. Up 50% from the new playlists according to Spotify. Great results!!  Thanks again, Damon! Truly appreciate you!"

 Almost Awake // Tommy Boy Records

"Damon, We want to thank you very, very much for all the great work you have done, we are incredibly happy with all you have done for us." 

 Saul Good

"Just posted my Spotify year in review and just wanna say thanks for all you've helped me accomplish." 

 Little Brain

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you!!  It was such a great tour and experience, and we look forward to doing more on the road in 2019!" 

 Drew / MH

"Thank you so much for the support, reassurance, and all you do, Damon.  Honestly, we wouldn't be this far without you.  We truly do appreciate what you have done for us" 



"Just wanted to say thank you brotha. You work your ass off and are absolutely the person and manager we needed. We appreciate you!" 


 Brandon Prinzing

“Damon helped boost morale, keep tasks on track, mediate conflicts, got our name to great contacts in the industry, and was constantly in excellent communication. His initiative is off the charts!” 



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