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“Damon’s passion, management skills & tireless work ethic were all instrumental in securing our record deal & tours” -Ari


Sept. 2021


The U.S-based DESTROPHY asks you, what kind of life are you prepared to lead? They've been an explosive force on the hard-rock and metal circuit for years, ultimately signing to Victory Records and extensively touring the US.

Known for their blend of catchy enigmatic metal, the band is returning to the stage with an even more powerful and mature sound. Featuring the bands' founding member and songwriter Ari M and drummer Ryan Berrier formerly of COREY TAYLOR'S JBKB, they've announced Fall 2021 US tour dates, including a performance on Florida's mega rock fest; Rebel Rock.

DESTROPHY features incredibly dense and orchestral production that is cinematic and evocative, accompanied by philosophical lyrics, with a fundamental theme of self-examination and reflection. The band's heavy, riff-driven anthems, combined with infectious hooks and melody, are perfect for any fan of modern, catchy, thought-provoking metal and hard rock. With tracks that range from the Machiavellian power struggle of "Monarch" to the mosh-pit inducing "Send In The Wolves" and the gorgeously orchestral "The Way Of The World," it's easy to understand the longstanding hype and critical praise.


  "Raw, unpredictable energy"   Revolver Magazine



Destrophy climbs another 3 spots to claim #43 position at U.S Rock Radio.  


Destrophy & Avenged Sevenfold // Mid American Arena // Omaha, Ne

Damon & Ari // On Tour

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