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Lo-Pan’s fifth release, In Tensions, is a new five-song EP that sees the seasoned Columbus, OH band continuing their blistering trajectory, building on the infectious, riff-filled grooves of their 2014 full-length Colossus.


In Tensions also marks the next stage in the band’s ever-evolving direction — anchored by the lead single “Go West”, an optimistic, sun-kissed, open highway anthem. Regarding the song, singer Jeff Martin explains “It's about setting out to accomplish a goal and then having that goal change along the way. And ultimately realizing the new goal was better than what you wanted in the first place.”



A perfect rallying cry for action in uncertain times, Martin continues, “And it's also about getting out and doing something….  So keep moving forward. Keeping progressing. Keep evolving.” Read More

LO-PAN // In Tensions // Charting at Rock radio

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