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“I’ve worked with Damon Moreno for a good while now, and I know him to be a door opener, and an inspiring person! Glad to have him in my corner”

- XP | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Xperience or XP as he is widely known as, is a skilled lyricist, R&B musician and star rapper; he was a church boy raised by his mother in Detroit before his metamorphosis into a musical juggernaut. As a young boy, XP was shuttled between his mother and father’s before finally, in 1995, he moved across the country to Olympia, WA to live with his father full-time.

Moving to Olympia had the most significant impact on his life; his lifestyle was completely revolutionized. He began penning dope lyrics and putting rhymes to beats, and it was at this point the idea of being a career artist was cemented.

The turning point in his musical journey came in 2004; XP opened up for Brother Ali, alongside a young, up-and-coming, white MC and fellow Olympia-based MC Ben Haggarty aka Macklemore. They clicked immediately and started writing together soon after.

XP was ultimately featured on “Hold Your Head Up,” “As Soon As I Wake Up,” and “Good for You” on Macklemore's 2005 “The Language of My World” and was promptly enlisted to join Macklemore's first worldwide tour. XP’s desire to be at the top of his game fueled his hunger which led him to meet other notable Pacific North West hip-hop artists like Sleep, Onry Ozzborn, JFK, Smoke, and Candidt. By 2006, XP was the last member to be inducted into the famed Northwest collective, Oldominion.

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Celebrating 1 Million + copies sold

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Macklemore // Gemini Tour - XP & Laces - Portland, Oct. 7th

XP / Macklemore and Ryan Lewis / Downtown live at the o2 Arena

Celebrating Platinum Status. Another Million+ SOLD

Damon & XP aftershow // LA tour stop // Shrine Auditorium // LA Weekly 

Life on tour with XP

XP // Not Today

Brad Pitt's cousin // 4 million + views

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