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Hometown:  São Paulo, Brasil

Rising up from the gritty and chaotic streets of the world's second largest megatropolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Project46 has been shredding up the local metal scene in South America's largest city for the past few years. The quintet was formed by Jean Patton and Vini Castellari, guitarists and childhood friends, who transformed the band from a Slipknot tribute band (to which the band’s name pays homage) into its current incarnation as the preeminent, heaviest, and hardest hitting metal band in all of Brazil.

Fellow countrymen and musical forefathers, Sepultura, have helped pave the way for Project46 by garnering worldwide recognition of the unique and driving riffs and rhythms associated with the sound of Brazilian metal. Project46 has been receiving serious acclaim and accolades for their two albums; 2011's Doa a Quem Doer and 2014's Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade, which stunned both fans and critics alike with it's controversial lyrics and volatile sound.

Slated to play the 30th anniversary of one of the world’s largest and most beloved musical festivals, Rock in Rio 2015, the band’s commitment to hard work has begun to pay off, with interest in the band steadily growing in and outside of Brazil and South America. As of summer 2015, SiriusXM Radio’s Liquid Metal channel has been playing the first track of Project46’s latest album, titled “Caos Renomeado” with a promising U.S. reception. And also has been working with big brands and being endorsed by the best music companies:

With the help and expertise of Brazilian metal producer, Adair Daufembach, Project46’s second and latest album, Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade, was released early 2014 by the Wikimetal label and stunned both fans and critics alike with its controversial lyrics and volatile sound, heavily peppered with Brazilian rhythms and flavors. The band performed to a sold out crowd at their second self-produced ‘’46Fest” in April at São Paulo’s renowned Carioca Club to launch their sophomore effort, complete with an array of other up and coming local metal acts playing in support

Project46 works just as hard offstage and out of the studio. Members individually contribute specific skills and strengths to other fundamental band business, such as their design elements, social media presence, online merchandise sales and the professional audio and video production of clips posted to their YouTube channel.

The band is also currently seeking distribution opportunities for its U.S. / worldwide release, as well pursuing offers to be a supporting act on a full or partial North American tour for an established metal act.

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