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“Damon is a thoughtful, kind, and careful person! He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and has opened up many new doors for me! He’s the best!”    - SLEEP 

RECORD LABEL: Strange Famous Records








Co-founder of the Oldominion crew, a conglomerate of hip-hop artists based out of the Pacific Northwest, Sleep and his people have been putting it down for Seattle and Portland for the past decade.


Sleep first made a name for himself with his lightning-quick delivery and dominant stage presence, but after releasing three solo albums (Riot by Candlelight, Christopher, Oregon Failure ) it was the strength of his songwriting that earned him a devout following in the underground scene.


He is also a founder and Frontman of the break out group The Chicharones. Known for introspective lyricism and rapid fire delivery, Sleep is one of the most talented slept on MC's on the planet! His music has been featured extensively on television, movies, and video games.


He is fresh off the Vans Warped Tour, followed by an East Coast run and is currently in the lab creating his next scheduled release.


             “4.5 Stars” -Urb

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