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"Brace yourself for a sonic assault as Pennsylvania's Metalcore heavyweights, The Art of Deception, unveil their latest video for the relentless track "Anguish." This release is poised to shake the foundations of the Metalcore scene and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what's next from this formidable band" - VENTS MAG

Hailing from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, The Art of Deception is four friends united by their love of metal music who've collectively released 2 EPs and many singles throughout their 8-year tenor. The band most recently released their lead single, "Despondency," off their upcoming EP "Imminence" on 6.9.23. “Anguish” was released shortly after on 9.8.23. The band recently announced signing with Satelite Booking and is preparing for extensive U.S touring in 2024

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